I won’t cry for you, my mascara’s too expensive.

^This is damn cool :O
Urgh its like, I dont know whether I’m sad or happy. Theres so many things to be sad about, but on the other hand, theres so many things to make you happy and people always say you shouldnt let those unhappy stuff bring you down blah. But what if that one single unhappy incident kindda, just, ‘overthrows’ or ‘overpowers’ maybe those 1million and one happy incidents, which makes you sad in the end. /: Ah fck it, I’m gonna try and be a positive kid from now on. Which means, reading more of positive little quotes! 
And I will achieve maximum positive-ness by reading nevergiveup19.tumblr.com
Shit, all their pictures are super meaningful and its POSITIVE. 

Oh and did i mention that user nevergiveup19 followed me back on tumblr!!! Happygal97 :)
Tumblr has so many nice pictures, quotes etcetc. AND if you dont have a tumblr acc, you dont know what you’re missing out haha.
Oh I think my craze for purple is just, not diminishing. Is that the right word? Its just keeps… argh I dont know except that I am sooooo undoubtedly in love with purple <3 


“Get a job you love and you dont have to work a day in your life”
OMG YES I AGREE TOTALLY, but I guess my dream job would be… just drawing and drawing and colouring and colouring. But there’s no such job with HIGH PAID SALARY available right? :( I should just keep to my VET dreams haha. Yes dont be shocked, I want to be a vet. Oh sadly, my sciences are so terrible I doubt I can be one /: I just wanna save animal lives. :(
Hahaha errrr. Gross? But thats my bitch babies. 2 out of the 6. Hopefully ALL of them survives! But having 8 hamsters in a small little cage is… I dont even want to think about it man.

OH, Coach been asking around if we, btgirls, wanted to go China at the end of the year. UNEXPECTEDLY, my mom kindda agreed. But she said if China is having winter then she doesnt really want me to go. AND OBVIOUSLY, China will be having winter in Dec._. And Coach said it would be 1-3 degrees WTFUCK So damn cold. I went HK at 14degrees and I froze like some motherfcker. As in, the wind was the one that was bloody annoying and I wore like 5 layers(?) and two pairs of socks at 14degrees. So if i go China I will prolly have to wear 10 layers wtf. But I really wanna try having this new experience and THE BEST OF THE BEST IS TO GO OVERSEAS WITH FRIENDS!!! I have never ever donw that before and I rly want to ;(

You know there are days you just want to laze about and do nothing. Okay scrape that, there arent days like those BECAUSE EVERY SINGLE DAY IS A LAZY DAY. Like really. Its like, 
HAHA its true. And today is one of those days, but, since I seriously owe mfl a mountain of chinese homework I have no choice but to get started :(
Goodbye aliens. HAHA i think aliens are cute.

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