Where there is desire, there’s gonna be a flame. Where there is a flame, someone’s bound to get burned. But just because it burns, doesn’t mean you’re gonna die, you just gotta get up and try.

EOYS finally ended two days back. Feels more relaxed about it. After Math2 paper headed out with Jasmine Kiahuang and Dylane to Suntec.

Watched Taken2 and had lunch and Pizza Hut! I DID NOT EAT A PIZZA. NEVER WILL I. Ate baked pasta at Pizza Hut weird LOL but Aston’s refused to open on time and I was dragged into Pizza Hut. A great day.
Yesterday, helped the year 1 in interclass then headed to Suntec AGAIN to meet the bt girls. :) Another awesome day.

Love them :) Didnt take any pics with Kaitong! :( So sad T_T
Watched Possession with the girls. ITS A SUPER SUPER SUPER HORRIBLE AND SCARY SHOW REALLY. Closing my eyes and peeping through from my fingers 90% of the time. Burying my head with Shuyi we were so scared. Wenqi screamed HAHAHA super hilarious. Brave kids watches horror shows :) Heh. Then dinner at Astons! Super good service *.* Rly. Dinner was super good as well. Bowled too :) HERE IS THE SCORE. 
It aint really clear. BUT, I WON MS ATHENA LIU BY 3 POINTS FUCKYEAH HAHAHAHA. IN YOUR FACE ATHENA LIU BANANA. You stupid gaythena. YESSSSS I was so happy when I got 2 strikes! :P HAHAHA STUPID ATHENA HAHAHAH. K la joking only :) Dilys pwned us all though. Felly was just using macho power :( And shuyi was being… I dont know what hahaha.
Supposed to picnic at Marina Barrage(?) But it looked as though is was gonna rain. Decided to camp in BK instead, and we started talking bout school.
I’m really, super scared for my EOY results. And more afraid I will get retained, like really. The school system is really stupid to us. Have you guys ever noticed, by getting a 59/100 in DHS is considered as a fail? Because C is a 2.0 GPA, and passing a year you have to get 2.4 GPA. Which is ridiculous. So what now? Passing in DHS is equivalent to 60/100? And just look at the huge gap between A and B. A 3.6 GPA and a 2.8 GPA. Wtf is wrong with that gap srsly?! And its srsly annoying how people who has a percentage of 60% and those with 69.9% gets the same overall GPA. Ridiculous. In the first half of year 2, I slacked like crazy. All my Bs were just super borderline. I decided to mug like crazy for EOYS and CT3, but whats the use? My avg percentage increase to about 68-69%, BUT Its still a GPA of 2.8. This is totally ridiculous.
Enough of complaining. Shant spoil my own mood.
Counted score and was time keeper today again for yr1 interclass games. Super hot under the sun but the matches were exciting :) Ahem, someone beside me kept spazzing over her Mr Polar Bear. “Omg hes like a polar bear! So cute!!!!!!” Haha quoted from ahemahem :P So glad I didnt get a sunburn :)
Then got dragged in to play netball afterwards. Regained my post as GD! Love that position haha. Awkward playing with the bballers but super fun though :) Bballers are super good at netball haha as expected. Since its roughly the same. It amazes me how people can shoot so well like Jamie and Jessica and the guys bballers duh. Its madness! I cant shoot for nuts!!! No wonder im GD HAHAHA. Then headed home with Dilys and Shernice. :)
Its 6:19 pm right now, and I have not eaten breakfast OR lunch. Neither. Not to say dinner as well. But I aint hungry! Isnt that amazing?! :D So happy hahaha. Horror training is starting next week officially, I cant help but really feel upset about it. But still training was always was like my diet training :)
Did I mention that almost the whole badminton team would be joining RUN FOR HOPE? :) We have all agreed to join and run a 10km marathon! Its for those who has cancer. I really hope running 10km would help those people in need and cure them. Being a helpful citizen hehe.10km leggo! We can do it :) I just hope I dont die. Haha joking I will finish the 10km, I swear. Good luck to me :>

Srsly who doesnt?

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